When Life Gives You Road Closed Signs

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

A few days ago my husband and I were discussing the importance of keeping up employee morale and keeping a company upbeat during a bad economy. As we talked, we realized that keeping up family morale is important as well. We always think of a relationship as a connection between 2 people. The family unit is a relationship that needs to be maintained and tended as well. It’s easy for families to grown apart when they’re busy. If you’re going to get and stay closer to your family, you need to plan special times together to keep up the family morale.

So, we had planned a breakfast in a nearby town in the foothills, a wonderful Saturday drive and hike to see the Aspen leaves change. We picked Saturday the 18th since our youngest didn’t have a football game. We’ve had football games for this same weekend for about 8 years! I chose Guanella Pass because I always have read that it’s the best place to view the golden Aspen leaves. I love to plan little mini trips like this. Everything was falling into place.

Luckily, everyone was happy to be going. We go to eat at the Happy Cooker for breakfast in Georgetown. There was a chili cook off going on. It smelled so good but the chili wouldn’t be ready until later in the afternoon. We planned to come back after our hike. We couldn’t resist the delicious smells.

Now, I wanted to keep my schedule so off we went. Here we go up Guanella Pass…until…uh oh! Four miles in and the road is closed. All my well laid out plans were over. I was very disappointed. What to do? We were too early for the chili cook off and we didn’t feel like just waiting around in Georgetown.

It didn’t take long to cheer up. We’ve had a lot of practice over the past two years. It was time for us to let go of my planned schedule. We know that everything is good and what is happening is what’s supposed to be happening! We just need to change the way we look at things and then everything around us changed. When Life Gives You Road Closed Signs…Make Other Plans!

I remembered a hike off the Mt. Evans road (just one exit back) that I’d taken 25 years ago before John and I were even married. As it turned out, Chicago Creek was a gorgeous hike. It was the perfect weekend for the Aspens on this hike. Wow!

We had an unbelievable picnic of hard boiled eggs, yogurt, ham sandwiches, bagels and cream cheese, potato chips and Western Slope peaches. Not Chili but still yummy!

And the “Family Morale”? Well, as you can tell from the picture below, the boys had a great time!

This post started out as a lesson that “Family Morale” is very important during those growing up years. Memories are built. Great stories are made. But the other story is about making the best of what could be a bad situation.

So, I’m online tonight checking out next year’s Georgetown Chili Cook Off and planning our hike for Guanella Pass during next fall’s Aspen display. If only I had the 2011 football schedule in advance!

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