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15 Quotes by Louise Hay In Remembrance of a Life Well Lived

Louise Hay died recently at age 90. She was an American author, positive thinker and one of the founders of the self help movement in the United States. She left an abusive home and life, healed herself of cervical cancel … Continue reading

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Give Inspiration To Your Graduate!

My college senior graduated this weekend and will soon be heading out into the work place. The event was joyful! I didn’t expect to cry but I did. There’s something about the song “Pomp and Circumstance” that brings out emotions … Continue reading

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11 Quotes And A Poem To Inspire You On Mother’s Day!

I hope you’ll enjoy a Mother’s Day post from a few years ago! Enjoy your day!! In honor of Mother’s Day, my kindle books, HOW TO BE A ZEN MAMA and THE ZEN MAMA’S BOOK OF QUOTES are $.99 all … Continue reading

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The Wisdom of Lao Tzu

I love to read quotes. To me, quotes are like poetry. Why do we love quotes? Quotes reaffirm, remind and put life into perspective. Quotes help us to understand ourselves. Quotes are popular sayings that often express common sense and … Continue reading

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7 Ways To Find Peace In A Garden

I was so exhausted yesterday when I got home. That’s what the end of the school year is like for teachers. It’s spring, the kids are ready to be outside and filled with energy. The first thing I did to … Continue reading

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An Attitude of Gratitude Can Change Your Life – 21 Quotes to Inspire You!

Gratitude is much more than being thankful. Thankfulness is an expression of happiness. Being thankful is telling someone you appreciate what they have done. Being thankful is being glad it didn’t rain on picnic day. Being thankful is happiness from … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Judgment and Red Tomatoes

This is a post for everyone who has ever judged or been judged. That means this is for everyone. Bur first, I get so excited to start a garden in the spring. My garden is like a mini vacation where … Continue reading

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ZEN TIPS, A Book Of Daily Meditations From The Zen Mama

Four years ago I could never have imagined that today I would be introducing my new book, ZEN TIPS, Daily Meditations For Happiness and Fulfillment From The Zen Mama. In 2009, I started down a path. A path to self-discovery. … Continue reading

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Feeling Blue? 7 Ways To Cheer Up!

After Christmas, we can sometimes feel a little blue. You’re not alone. I’ve had several people tell me what a let down life is after all the holiday activity. When I’m down, I have little positive tricks to do. You … Continue reading

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Happy 107th Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Happy 107th Birthday Dr. Seuss! He was born today in 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Dr. Seuss was quite a philosopher and gave kids (and their parents reading the books) advice about life without even the reader even knowing it. He … Continue reading

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