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Mindulness Workshop
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Saturday, August 8th, 2015: Everyday Mindfulness, a Zen Mama and Body Talk workshop from 9:00 – 2:00

A Day of Mindfulness, Laughter and Peace

Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness Workshop

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Do you use the word BUSY regularly to describe your life? Does your To-List dictate your day and keep you awake at night? Do you feel lost and not following your passion? Have you lost track of yourself?

In this fun, practical and grounding workshop you will learn:

• How to reduce your stress and anxiety
• How to have more joy in your life
• How to discover your passion and learn techniques to find it
• To create a vision board
• How to be in the present moment
• About the mind-body connection

Join Body Talk Practitioner, Tricia Gast, and the Zen Mama, Betsy Henry, for a morning full of teaching, sharing and learning practical techniques that you can immediately incorporate into your life. We’ll also practice Laughter Yoga, Meditation and Hatha Yoga.

Our Schedule:
9:00 Set the intention for the day and Breathing Exercises
9:30 Laughter Yoga
10:00 Mindlessness vs. Mindfulness
10:30 Exploring the Mind Body Connection
11:00 Finding Your Passion
11:30 Yoga Practice
12:15 Lunch
1:00 Vision Board
1:30 Guided Meditation, Closing and Give Away

The Cost: $95 (early bird discount $15 if you pay before July 8th)
Date: August 8th
Time: 9:00 – 2:00/lunch included
Where: Columbine United Church 6375 S. Platte Canyon Road, Littleton, Colorado 80123
Please email triciagast@yahoo.com or thezenmama@gmail.com
for further information.

To register, pay on paypal and I’ll email you your confirmation:

“I can’t say enough good things about the experience our staff had with Betsy Henry, The Zen Mama! Betsy has a unique ability to connect with others and facilitate self awareness and growth in an non-threatening, fun and engaging manner. Our teachers were encouraged and felt safe in sharing experiences, ultimately resulting in growth and positive changes for all. I highly recommend Betsy Henry as a facilitator and educator for teachers and other professional groups desiring a positive and enlightening workshop or staff training.”
~Susan Swank, Founder/Director
The Nest Early Learning Center

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