What Readers Are Saying

What readers are saying about ZEN TIPS

“Betsy has, once again, written about something so simple in concept, but so hard to execute in life. We spend our lives going through “the race,” often not stopping to appreciate where we are and how much we are blessed with. A book like Betsy’s can help us all do just that: stop for a few moments each day and realize that we do indeed have everything we need in life.”
~ Missy Bedell, author, Literal Mom

“Zen Tips is a wonderful book from The Zen Mama, Betsy Mackee Henry. When I received the book, I was excited as I loved her first two books.

In a hectic world where people try to cram in as much as they can into their day, there is a desperate need for stress relief, and living the life we were meant to live – peacefully and harmoniously, while tackling our daily routine in a focused way. Zen Tips provides that inspiration with beautiful visuals, quotes and affirmations. The book is conveniently divided into six short chapters geared to ground the readers in a gentle way, inspiring them to regain their balance by simply changing their perceptions in a positive way.

Zen Tips is about transitioning from the negative to the positive and nurturing happiness by being mindful, enjoying the little things in life, practicing gratitude and living with compassion.”
~ Vidya Sury, author, Going A-Musing

“Zen Tips contains simple − yet still profound − bits of wisdom. After reading them, I can feel my heart fill with more compassion, patience, gratitude, and love. If you are ready to live mindfully, more positively, and embrace a calmer life − soaking up these affirmations is a wonderful place to start!”
− Jodi Chapman, author of Soul Speak, the Soulful Journals series, and the upcoming book, Coming Back to Life

“In Zen Mama Tips, Betsy offers a priceless collection of thought-provoking quotes followed with suggestions for incorporating them into our lives and affirmations to make them stick. Reading through this treasure trove of insights, I found myself slowing down and reflecting on aspects of my life. I started to see where a little change in perspective can go a long way toward inviting in more happiness. Starting your day with a brief meditation on one page from this book allows you to approach the same old issues with a completely different perspective. I’m keeping my copy close by to refer to it often.”
~Paige Burkes, author of the blog, Simple Mindfulness, the Mindful Living Guide and the upcoming program, the Mindful Body Guide

“You know you are going to love anything written by someone who calls herself Zen Mama. Betsy Henry blends the wisdom of the ages with down to earth stories that any parent, indeed any person, can relate to. She puts it all together with richly colorful and inspiring photos to bring you daily meditations to start your day off with peaceful focus and serene resolve. Go through in order or open the book at random. Either way, go slowly. Savor each exquisitely presented reading, breathe it in, and let it set the tone for what is sure to be a blessed day.”
~ Galen Pearl writer of the blog/book, 10 Steps To Finding Your Happy Place

What readers are saying about How To Be A Zen Mama:

“This was a fantastic book! Being a mom is so challenging and no matter how much you think you have it all together or not, reading this book helped me immensely. And as our worries, and stresses change with age, Zen Mom, put a whole new perspective on life where you can just exhale and be Zen. The book will remind you to spend time with your kids in ways you may not have thought of. And to have this book around for the wonderful reminders to go back to once in a while sure helps as our children grow and our lives get  busier. A marvelous quick read. I highly recommend for all parents young and old.”
~ E. Becker, Littleton, Colorado

“Kindness and unconditional love are not always accessible when moms find themselves in the midst of turbulent and tantruming waters, but Betsy McKee Henry helps us to navigate the riptides of parenthood by encouraging the art of going with the flow. The book is about maintaining a sense of love, kindness and serenity throughout the storms of family life. She illustrates one example of a frantic mom madly rushing out the door, frantically looking for her keys. In the midst of mayhem her daughter offers her a gift wadded up in toilet paper. Irritated, the mom takes the present to appease her child only to find there’s nothing inside. Angrily she chides the girl for wasting toilet paper on nothing. Her daughter tells her she’s wrong. There are 100 kisses inside. “How to be a Zen Mama,” is full of gems just like this, pulling it all into perspective.”
~ Penny Holguin, author of Sara O’Hara, the Gift of Fairy Wings.

“I can’t thank you enough for the Zen Mama book.  It arrived last Friday and I’ve read the book twice already.  It really spoke to me.  She addressed all my fears and worries about parenting and I felt like she was speaking directly to my situation!  Like her, I have often felt like I can be the Zen preschool teacher but then have trouble carrying this philosophy over to my own children.  It saddens me that I can appreciate and accept other kids’ personalities more than my own childrens’ but the book really gave me inspiration.  Please thank Betsy for writing it and let her know how much it has meant to me.”
~ Kristin, preschool teacher and parent, Thailand

“I was fighting back tears while I read How To Be A Zen Mama. It’s really a gem and I love it. I will reference it often, as I have an 11 year old daughter right now who’s dealing with pubescent, pre-teenage angst, hormones, peer pressure,self-induced pressure, etc. Any pearls of wisdom within my grasp are always appreciated. Your delivery is calming and filled with nothing but love and compassion,the traits we desperately need more of in this world.”
~ Ann, parent Centennial, Colorado

“Or, (you could) be a Zen Papa. Great for anyone, get this book!”
~ Nikki, art teacher and parent, Denver

“I have been worried and angry about a lot of things that I have no reason to be. Worry and anger never solve anything. They are simply a waste of energy.  I just happen to remember Betsy’s website and had a few moment to spare. I read some of her blog entries and a the frustration I have been feeling diminished to patience, I guess would be a good way of putting it. It is funny that your advice about kids helped me with other things.”
~Lillian, college student, Boulder, Colorado

What readers are saying about THE ZEN MAMA’S BOOK OF QUOTES

“I LOVE quotes! As a life coach, writer, and parent I am thrilled to have a new book of quotes at my fingertips! The Zen Mama Quote Book will find a new home next to How to be a Zen Mama on my bedside table! The categories and variety of quotes make it user friendly and inspirational to read over and over again!”
~ Jen Slayden, Missoula, Montana

“The Zen Mama Book of Quotes is the ideal follow up to Betsy’s first book, How to be a Zen Mama. It’s clever layout proves that Betsy is in fact a master of her own words of wisdom. I actually felt happier as I read through her beautiful collection of quotes, and they helped me remember how many times I’ve had to just let go, trust the unknown and rely on inner strength. The last chapter is also wonderfully fitting: Following Your Path. It’s almost like a loving send-off as you put down the book and forge ahead into the creation of your own unique life.”
~ Julie Pech, author of the Chocolate Therapist

“A treasure, surely to adorn many a bedside table, THE ZEN MAMA BOOK OF QUOTES showers the reader with nuggets of inspiration and sage advice. Truly an encouraging piece to motivate those seeking hope, guidance and timeless wisdom.”
~ Sheila M. Burke, author of the blog/book, Zen-Sational Living and Booyah Spirit.

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  1. Linda Zenson says:

    “I have been worried and angry about a lot of things that I have no reason to be. Worry and anger never solve anything. They are simply a waste of energy. I just happen to remember Betsy’s website and had a few moment to spare. I read some of her blog entries and a the frustration I have been feeling diminished to patience, I guess would be a good way of putting it. It is funny that your advice about kids helped me with other things.”


    Betsy Reply:

    That’s just what I need to inspire me to work on my next book! I’m actually working on the worry and anger chapter. Coincidence? I don’t think so!! Thank you for your inspiration!


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