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Zen Tips
Daily Meditations for Happiness and Fulfillment from The Zen Mama

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The Zen Mama’s
Book of Quotes

A Collection of Thoughts
And Wisdom Throughout the Ages

By Betsy McKee Henry

(Paperback) Price:  $12.95
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How To Be
A Zen Mama

13 Ways To Stop Worrying, Let Go And Get Closer To Your Kids

By Betsy McKee Henry

(Paperback) Price:  $12.95 
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The Tattered Cover
The Chocolate Therapist
Maria’s Bookshop
Boulder Bookstore

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  8. tari brand says:

    you’re an inspiration to me. it’s taken years to come to some of the solutions you’ve arrived at already! keep up the great posts and i look forward to reading on.


    Betsy Reply:

    Thanks Tari! I’m so glad you’ve found some inspiration! It’s so great to meet you through Alist Bloggers! I love your new format, by the way!


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